casino slots explained

Casino Slots Explained

You who are already an active player at an online casino probably have your favorites already. But if you are curious about slots, they are a popular game that comes in many different guises. This is a good site to look at if you want to learn more.

What are slots and how do they work?

Slots, video machine, video slots, slot machine yes dear child has many names. There should be no ambiguity here. Slots are the slot machines that are all basically video games. You win when you have the same symbols in a row. How much the win will be depends on how the win lines for the particular slot you are playing look like.

You start by choosing the coin value. The higher the coin value you choose, the higher the winning chances. The next step is for you to choose how many paylines you want active during the game. It is common to have 30-50 paylines in online casinos.

When are you going to play?

What you should think about when you want to play slots is to choose a slot with a high RTP. RTP stands for return to player. This is a percentage that describes the winning chances for you as a player. The higher the RTP, the higher your chance of winning. From 97% and above is considered a good RTP How high the refund applies depends on which online casino you play at.

There is a jungle of different slots with different looks, there are also new ones coming all the time. When it comes to slot games, there are a number of features, one of which is Wilds. You can see this as a joker. This joker can act as any standard symbol on the different reels.

This wilds/joker has received several different variants. Sticky Wild acts as wild and any other symbol. This joker sticks to the reels and appears during a few spins.

Expanding Wilds is a wild that expands. This is done over the entire wheel before the winnings are displayed.

Scatter is a symbol that can look like anything depending on the game. Often you will be rewarded with free spins if you get three or more scatters.
Freespins are free spins or bonus spins. You can spin a certain number of times in the game without betting money.

There are also bonus rounds and these can be activated in different ways. The most common way is for you to get as many bonus symbols as are required for the particular slot you are playing. Usually there are three of them.

If you look at these pieces before choosing a casino and game, you have a greater chance of winning and increased winning opportunities with the help of various bonuses.

online casino summary

Online Casinos Summary

This year has been very good for casinos so far. New exciting functions have been introduced and more casinos have gamification as their theme. While game developers focus on delivering unique games, casinos have spent time adapting everything for mobile. New casinos this year and beyond will not have much difficulty in creating unique and entertaining platforms, there are already an incredible number of fun attributes that increase the gaming experience and create a better game.

Casino Market

There is a lot happening in the casino market right now. Many game providers present exciting new projects that introduce exciting animated slots, and new casinos naturally get the same opportunity to showcase these games in their galleries. Live casinos are also developing all the time, as are the range and availability. Today, you can sit down at a live casino table regardless of where you are, as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection. You don’t even need to download an app these days, but you play both slots and live casino through the browser, regardless of whether you play on a computer, mobile or tablet.

Live Casinos

Evolution is a company that is successful in the live casino industry and undoubtedly gives players the most opportunities to choose between popular table games. This live casino thing has really taken off in the last period. Table games have often been romanticized in movies and are then associated with very rich personalities and very high stakes to even get to play. But when you play online, it’s not at all what it seems. Instead, it is entirely possible to play with just a few kroner per hand. But then you can also get more gaming pleasure, more games and entertainment out of the money simply.

New casinos get the opportunity to combine a casino with so many more functions. The technology allows the games themselves to be placed in play. Gamification as it is called has become very common among online casinos that have just started up. The player can collect points and participate in unique competitions, use the points to buy their own bonuses in their own casino bonus shop and play different kinds of mini games independent of slots and other games.

VR Casino

VR games have also gained a lot of popularity in the last year. VR glasses have been developed to provide an incredibly good gaming experience, and it is only a matter of time before online casinos implement functions where you can explore a 3D casino in virtual reality. Playstation games are currently being mass-produced in full VR, and as it becomes more common in households, the likelihood of it being introduced at online casinos will also increase.

It may seem quite possible that within just a couple of years we will be able to log into an online casino via VR headset and an App in the mobile and then walk around a virtual Las Vegas among animated slots and holographic dealers. Of course, it’s impossible to say, but newly launched gaming companies undoubtedly have the opportunity to explore ideas like this. There are many new casinos that have already started introducing exciting features and there will no doubt be many more appearing in the future.

It will be fun to see what will happen next, and how online casinos will develop during the rest of the year.

craps baccarat roulette

Popular Online Casino Games

Games have entertained people for centuries. There are many different types of games, and technological developments have created many new games. However, many games have also survived trends and have remained popular for a long time. In the casino’s exciting range of games, you can find a lot of games that are hundreds of years old, but which, despite this, stand up well in the competition with today’s TV and computer games. This is of course due to the fact that they are games of real quality, but also to the fact that the online casinos have been allowed to participate in the development and thus received new functions that further enhance the gaming experience.

Blackjack, Baccarat and Card Games

There are many different types of card games, and in a casino Blackjack and Baccarat are the most common forms. But even poker in various variants is a card game that belongs in a casino. When you play cards at the online casino, you do not play against other players, but against the computer. However, many casinos now offer a live casino where you can play these games against a real dealer.

If you want more information about all the casino’s games you can read which games are the best and where you can find the largest selection of individual games or entire categories.


Yes, for many, roulette is probably the very image of a casino. And while the roulette wheel may look modern, this is a game that has its roots in the 18th century. Then a similar game was created in France (roulette is French for small wheel). The game got its current form in the 19th century, and when it eventually found its way across the Atlantic, a variant was created, with an extra zero, which today goes by the name of American roulette. A zero was simply added to give the bank a greater advantage over the player. Today, American roulette is mainly played in the United States, South America and the Caribbean, while the rest of the world prefers European roulette (also known as French roulette). When you play online, many casinos offer both of these variants and you can choose for yourself. This game is also available as a live casino.


The slot machines are another category of classic casino games. Most people know the old classic automatons, or one-armed bandits, as they are also called. These still exist, but at the online casinos you can also play on jackpot slot machines that have been developed with the technology, and which offer games on significantly more reels, many bet lines and lots of exciting features. Videoslots, which are the most advanced of the slot machines, also offer entertainment with fantastic graphics and famous themes.


The craps table is the busiest in the entire casino. It’s hot here and the tension is always at its peak. Craps is a dice game with very ancient origins. It is known for certain that it has some of its roots in the 14th century and the English game of Hazard, but there is also some evidence that it goes all the way back to the 12th century. An exhilarating thought when betting on the outcome of the dice today.

online casino slots and games

Online Casino Slots

Slot machines are perhaps the most famous games in casinos and other gambling venues. Most people have probably come across a one-armed bandit in a cafe, pub or maybe even in the grocery store.

And when we come to an online casino, the slot machines often also have a prominent role. Not least because this category of games is often very large. Since online casinos do not need to take physical space into account, they can offer a huge range of slot machines and slots. It is not uncommon for the games room with these games to include 400-500 different titles. It is not only a very large range, but also a wide and varied range. You can find everything from the classic slot machines to advanced slot machines with exciting themes and high-class graphics.

Jackpot Games

There are a bunch of mega jackpots out there. Jackpots that are connected in a network, and where players at many different casinos contribute. These jackpots are called progressive, or growing, and they can quickly reach almost unimaginable levels. The very highest jackpots that have been paid out at online casinos come from slot machines and were over 100 million euros. To have a chance at such a win, you only need to register, open a gaming account and deposit money to play for. You can pay by invoice if you don’t want to make transfers online, or if you don’t have money for the day. Invoice payment at the casino is a relatively new phenomenon, but in demand and will in all probability spread quickly.

Common, classic, slot machines have three reels and fairly simple graphics. The most famous symbols of these are bells or fruits. But if we instead look at a slot machine, or a video slot machine, we get a gaming experience of a completely different dimension. These games have a large number of reels and many bet lines. In these games we also find advanced graphics, often three-dimensional and many special functions that both give more chances of winning and enhance the gaming experience. Functions that, for example, activate extra rounds and different types of bonuses.

Classic Slots

The old classic bandits, where you pulled a lever to hopefully see a special combination of figures on the three reels, didn’t produce any exciting wins. Online, just by starting a game on a slot machine, you can reap profits that will make you financially independent for the rest of your life if you’re lucky. Here there are lots of jackpots of different sizes, and since slot machines are typical games of chance, and thus decided by chance, anyone can win.

It’s fun to play casino online, and many have probably experienced that it can also be quick to lose a lot of money. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say, and of course that also applies to casino games. When you find a favorite game, which also attracts a large jackpot, it is difficult to stop even if you are forced to realize that you are not having your lucky day. You read about people who win millions at online casinos, but you yourself soon find yourself with an empty gambling account. How do you actually win at an online casino?

Learn the games

In order to get the most out of your playing, and also have a better chance of really winning, it is important that you learn how the different games work and what rules apply. It may be good to remember that most games at an online casino are of a gambling nature. If you play video poker, for example, you play against a random generator and not against other players. This means that a poker system that works well when you are sitting at the gaming table in a multi-table tournament does not have the same meaning at the online casino. But, if you learn the games and the rules, you will also find it easier to win. You have probably heard of the fantastic mega jackpots that occasionally fall out at online casinos. Winnings in the hundreds of millions that change the life of the winner. These jackpots are usually found on slots and slot machines, and these are not difficult to play. So really, it should be quite easy to win the occasional jackpot. However, in order for you to have a chance to compete for the big wins, you need to know the rules that apply to the various games. On some machines, for example, you have to make a maximum bet to be able to get the big jackpot at all.

Other big jackpots fall out randomly and everyone has a chance to win them regardless of how big, or small, the bet is.

Keep track of the budget

The most important advice you can give to increase the chance of winning at an online casino is to keep a close eye on the budget. Set a ceiling from the start on how much you can allow yourself to lose. Then stick strictly to this no matter how the game goes. Then you don’t risk losing all your money, and you can try your luck again later.

online casino payment methods

Payment Methods in Online Casino

Many people feel a certain uncertainty about making payments via the internet, and they think about which methods are safe. When you play casino online, it is impossible to get away from money transfers, because you need to both deposit money into the game account and withdraw your winnings. Today there is a large selection of payment methods to choose from. Most of them are safe, but in order to be able to choose a method that suits you, and with which you can feel completely safe, we give you information here about the methods that are most often used in online casinos.

Credit Card payment

Paying with cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, is by far the most common method, but also a payment method that many feel is a bit insecure. People have learned not to give out card numbers or other sensitive information. But, with the latest payment and security technology, it is completely safe to pay by card. It is also a fast and convenient payment option.

Bank transfer

A regular bank transfer from one bank account to another is a simple and completely secure payment method. You can pay via your internet bank, or go to the bank office and pay there.


Trustly is a relatively new payment service, which is actually also a bank transfer. However, unlike other transfers, you are not forwarded to a new site to make the payment, but remain on the casino’s site all the time when you pay. You make the payment by using your usual verification for the internet banking, such as bank ID or similar.

The type of gambling sites that often use Trustly are “casinos without verification”. But in practice, you actually verify yourself, but you do it through your Bankid.


Using an e-wallet is a good way to avoid giving away sensitive information such as account or card numbers. The two most common e-wallets are called Skrill and Neteller, and they work like a normal wallet. That is, you transfer money from your bank account to your e-wallet, and then use this for the payment. This is both a safe and convenient way of payment, and the money is immediately deposited into the account to which it is paid.

Prepaid cards

You can also pay with prepaid cards, and here the PaySafe card is the most common solution. A prepaid card functions much like a top-up card for the mobile phone.

online roulette

Playing Online Roulette

Roulette is probably the game most people associate with casino, both online and live. It is the classic image of the table with the roulette wheel, surrounded by the rich beautiful people, making big bets, that sits on the retina. In online casinos, however, roulette does not always play the main role, because the range of games is so large, and there are so many different games to choose from. At the online casino, it is usually the slot machines and slots section that has the largest selection, but of course you can also play roulette.

Different types of roulette

Unlike the land-based casinos, many online casinos offer the possibility to play both American and European, or French, roulette. Thanks to the fact that the games are virtual, and do not require any physical space, you can present a significantly wider selection online. The fact that there are several variations of roulette is because when the game came to America in the 19th century, it was expanded with an additional zero (usually called a double zero), to give the bank a greater advantage over the players. Despite this extra zero, the game quickly gained popularity among American players, and the double zero is still present in American roulette. The double zero makes the bank’s advantage almost double, which is probably the reason why most online casino players prefer the European variant. The very earliest roulette game lacked zero entirely. Zero only came into existence in the 19th century, when the Blanc brothers developed the game, and probably also introduced the red and black compartments. The first zero was also added to increase the bank’s advantage, but the alternating black and red slots were introduced to give players more choice for their bets, and also to get a better overview as you can easily separate the different slots.

Popularity of the game

There are of course many reasons why roulette has become so popular, but the large number of choices for players is probably a strong contributing factor. You can choose to bet high, with a more difficult bet, and thus also have the chance of the bigger wins. But, you can also make bets that give smaller dividends, each, but which are significantly easier to get in. If you want to take the risk, and place your bet on a single number, you can, with a great deal of luck, reap the really big wins. But, with this bet, the probability of profit is not that great. If, on the other hand, you bet on a color, or on a series of numbers, the chance of getting a winning combination is significantly greater. Admittedly, these bets don’t pay as much, but many small streams, etc. All of these betting choices mean that everyone can play on their own terms, and the game is by no means only for the rich, as one might easily believe when fed a lot of clichéd images of roulette games in old American movies. You don’t have to bet everything you have, and you don’t have to make risky bets, where the risk of losing your chips is high. It is entirely up to you how much you want to play for, and how big of a risk you are prepared to take.

smart casino play

Smart Online Casino Play

Since the first online casino opened its doors, development has been rapid. When the general public suddenly had the opportunity to play casino games, they took it, and online casino games became one of our most popular leisure activities. Yes, there are even those who have taken it a step further and play for a living. But, to be able to make money playing games, you must of course learn to play smart. It is important to choose the right casino, the right game and to have good control over your bankroll.

First, and most important, the step towards profit is to minimize losses. Most of us probably play mostly for fun, although the idea of ​​the dream win is naturally in the back of our minds. But, even when you play for fun, you have to be careful not to gamble away more money than you can afford. Of course, the more games you get for your wagered money, the greater the chances of winning.

At the beginning

A good beginning is often the beginning of a good continuation. Make sure to get a good welcome bonus when you come to a new casino. All online casinos give some form of bonus to new players, and this welcome bonus can be designed in different ways. But, regardless of how it looks, it gives you the chance to play without betting your own money. At least initially. A common form of welcome bonus is a deposit bonus, which gives you free money in an amount that is in relation to the amount you deposit into the gaming account the first time. You can get a deposit bonus of up to 100%, i.e. as much as you deposit yourself. Here, in other words, you can control how much free money you get, but of course there is always a ceiling on how high the bonus can be. At other casinos, you instead get a bonus without a deposit requirement, a so-called no deposit bonus.

This bonus consists of a fixed amount of money. Often the fixed bonus does not amount to any higher amounts, but on the other hand, you also do not need to deposit any of your own money to get your bonus. This bonus is usually paid already when you register, and is therefore sometimes also called a registration bonus. Regardless of the bonus you are offered, it gives you the opportunity to quickly get started and play, and you also get many chances to win without having to bet yourself. In addition to the cash bonus, free spins are also often awarded. You simply get a number of free games, where of course you also have the chance to win the jackpot.

More play for your money

Taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions that are available is a way to get more play for your money, and gives you more and greater chances of winning. However, it is important to remember that there is also always a wagering requirement to withdraw the winnings you receive from your bonus games. Check the conditions before you use the bonus or free spins, so you know what is required for you to be able to withdraw your winnings.

progressive and mega jackpots

Mega and Progressive Jackpots

A mega jackpot is a growing jackpot that can become almost any size. It is about a so-called progressive jackpot, which is constantly being built up by players’ efforts, and because you have a network where games at several different casinos are connected, the jackpot quickly becomes very large. This is, of course, due to the fact that it is a very large number of players’ contributions that contribute to the pot.

Progressive Jackpot

You may have heard that you can win 100 million at the casino, and then it is always about a progressive jackpot, or a mega jackpot if you like. The jackpot keeps growing during the game, until it falls out. At the casino, you can usually see how the numbers roll as it grows. Often it is the same game that shows the biggest jackpots, and that is perhaps not so difficult to understand. A game known for its high winnings naturally attracts large crowds of players. This gives a rapid increase in the prize sum, which in turn attracts even more people to bet on this particular game. With so many players fighting for the same jackpot, the chance of taking it home can seem vanishingly small. But, a slot machine is a game of chance, and it is entirely chance that determines where the winnings go. If you calculate the chance of winning as a percentage based on the number of players, it will of course be small, but suddenly it happens, and it could just as well be yours as someone else’s.

Games With Mega Jackpots

Games with mega jackpots can be linked in different ways. Often it is a single game that is linked between different casinos, but some game developers instead connect several of their games into a single common jackpot. Regardless of how they are linked, a growing jackpot often yields very high winnings. The very largest mega jackpots that have been paid out from online casinos have been the equivalent of approximately SEK 150 and 100 million. Incidentally, both of these winnings were paid out from the same game, namely Mega Fortune from the Swedish game developer NetEnt.

When competing for a mega jackpot there are certain requirements that must be met. Common to all these games with large jackpots is that your chances of winning increase with the size of the bet. On some games, you can only take home the biggest win if you bet max. Admittedly, there are often other, smaller jackpots that you can win even with a smaller bet, but to win the big mega jackpot you have to place a maximum bet. However, this requirement for a maximum bet does not apply to all games that have a mega jackpot. In some games, the big jackpot falls out completely randomly in the regular game, while in other games you have to reach a bonus game in order to have a chance to win the jackpot. Mega Fortune for example, as we mentioned earlier, has bonus games where you can win one or more jackpots on a form of wheel of fortune.