Mega and Progressive Jackpots

A mega jackpot is a growing jackpot that can become almost any size. It is about a so-called progressive jackpot, which is constantly being built up by players’ efforts, and because you have a network where games at several different casinos are connected, the jackpot quickly becomes very large. This is, of course, due to the fact that it is a very large number of players’ contributions that contribute to the pot.

Progressive Jackpot

You may have heard that you can win 100 million at the casino, and then it is always about a progressive jackpot, or a mega jackpot if you like. The jackpot keeps growing during the game, until it falls out. At the casino, you can usually see how the numbers roll as it grows. Often it is the same game that shows the biggest jackpots, and that is perhaps not so difficult to understand. A game known for its high winnings naturally attracts large crowds of players. This gives a rapid increase in the prize sum, which in turn attracts even more people to bet on this particular game. With so many players fighting for the same jackpot, the chance of taking it home can seem vanishingly small. But, a slot machine is a game of chance, and it is entirely chance that determines where the winnings go. If you calculate the chance of winning as a percentage based on the number of players, it will of course be small, but suddenly it happens, and it could just as well be yours as someone else’s.

Games With Mega Jackpots

Games with mega jackpots can be linked in different ways. Often it is a single game that is linked between different casinos, but some game developers instead connect several of their games into a single common jackpot. Regardless of how they are linked, a growing jackpot often yields very high winnings. The very largest mega jackpots that have been paid out from online casinos have been the equivalent of approximately SEK 150 and 100 million. Incidentally, both of these winnings were paid out from the same game, namely Mega Fortune from the Swedish game developer NetEnt.

When competing for a mega jackpot there are certain requirements that must be met. Common to all these games with large jackpots is that your chances of winning increase with the size of the bet. On some games, you can only take home the biggest win if you bet max. Admittedly, there are often other, smaller jackpots that you can win even with a smaller bet, but to win the big mega jackpot you have to place a maximum bet. However, this requirement for a maximum bet does not apply to all games that have a mega jackpot. In some games, the big jackpot falls out completely randomly in the regular game, while in other games you have to reach a bonus game in order to have a chance to win the jackpot. Mega Fortune for example, as we mentioned earlier, has bonus games where you can win one or more jackpots on a form of wheel of fortune.