Payment Methods in Online Casino

Many people feel a certain uncertainty about making payments via the internet, and they think about which methods are safe. When you play casino online, it is impossible to get away from money transfers, because you need to both deposit money into the game account and withdraw your winnings. Today there is a large selection of payment methods to choose from. Most of them are safe, but in order to be able to choose a method that suits you, and with which you can feel completely safe, we give you information here about the methods that are most often used in online casinos.

Credit Card payment

Paying with cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, is by far the most common method, but also a payment method that many feel is a bit insecure. People have learned not to give out card numbers or other sensitive information. But, with the latest payment and security technology, it is completely safe to pay by card. It is also a fast and convenient payment option.

Bank transfer

A regular bank transfer from one bank account to another is a simple and completely secure payment method. You can pay via your internet bank, or go to the bank office and pay there.


Trustly is a relatively new payment service, which is actually also a bank transfer. However, unlike other transfers, you are not forwarded to a new site to make the payment, but remain on the casino’s site all the time when you pay. You make the payment by using your usual verification for the internet banking, such as bank ID or similar.

The type of gambling sites that often use Trustly are “casinos without verification”. But in practice, you actually verify yourself, but you do it through your Bankid.


Using an e-wallet is a good way to avoid giving away sensitive information such as account or card numbers. The two most common e-wallets are called Skrill and Neteller, and they work like a normal wallet. That is, you transfer money from your bank account to your e-wallet, and then use this for the payment. This is both a safe and convenient way of payment, and the money is immediately deposited into the account to which it is paid.

Prepaid cards

You can also pay with prepaid cards, and here the PaySafe card is the most common solution. A prepaid card functions much like a top-up card for the mobile phone.